Proficiency Reporting

We're improving the information parents receive through a new type of report card. Instead of just As, Bs and Cs, your new report card will show how your student is performing in specific areas. We hope being more transparent helps parents with having conversations at home and also with teachers. We also hope it will help students better understand how they are progressing.

Below are example report cards to assist you in learning more about this change.

High School Grade Letter Calculation

In District 100’s Proficiency Based Grading System (PBG) grades will not be calculated differently by each teacher through accumulating percentage points for homework, tests, and classwork. Instead, grades will be calculated by all teachers using a common formula.

This formula is based on students’ standard scores and is adjusted when progress reports are provided.

How Final Grades Are Calculated (when a course is completed):

A: Met or exceeded all standards. Student earns 4s & 3s on all standards.

B: Met most priority standards. Student earns half or more 4s & 3s on all standards and no 1s on any standards.

C: Met some priority standards and made progress on all standards. Student earns less than half 4s & 3s on all standards and no 1s on any standards.

D: Made progress on all standards. Student earns 2s on all standards.

I or F: Student earns 1 or NE (No Evidence) any standards.

I = In Progress, insufficient evidence of learning or of reaching basic standards. With additional time, student may successfully complete the course.

F = Not enough evidence of learning. Student needs to repeat the course.

Example High School & Middle School Progress Report Card

Example Elementary School Report Card