Research Base Sample

We used the Nellie Mae Education Foundation's model to design our philosophy around a new way of school we call Student-Centered Learning.

What is Competency Based Education from the Aurora Institute

What does the research say about standards-based grading?

Comparing goals to outcomes for graduates of a competency-based education program

Making the Grade: A History of A-F Marking Scheme

Teaching More by Grading Less and Points, Points, and More Points: High School Grade Inflation and Deflation when Homework and Employability Scores are Included are peer reviewed articles on the impact of grading and the problems with placing faith in the current grading systems.

Digital Promise

Students at the Center Hub

Great Schools Partnership has a handful of research briefs/statements/references in this link supporting different components of Proficiency-Based Learning

Marzano Research has a research base the district has been working through for about 10 years. These include:

Our work is part of the Illinois State Board of Education's competency pilot. They have some references to their supporting materials on their site as well under resources on his page:

Continued Progress: Promising Evidence on Personalized Learning documents results from surveys administered to teachers and students in personalized learning schools in the spring of the 2014–15 school year.

Lindsay Unified School District is nationally recognized for their work in this field and is a partner helping us through our work. Here is an overview of their state-data over time.

This chapter on psychology in education was presented at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association in April 1994.

This article from a University of Chicago professor in 1968 acknowledges that we have been struggling to implement these types of research-supported practices since before our Superintendent was even born.